Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All healed up now!

Back in April, we took Luke to the zoo. While it was only a short morning trip, he had lots of fun. He wanted to ride the carousel so his daddy took him. However, once they got on, he just couldn't muster up the courage to stay on the horse. So the two settled for a good seat to watch the action.

We also went for a ride on the train. It seems that maybe there were a few too many people on the train that day as it was having some difficulties getting up some steam to go. We spent some long minutes sitting still--well, the train that is, toddlers NEVER sit still.

Then it was off to the hospital for Luke's tonsillectomy and other misc. procedures. After a long pre-op morning without any food, they finally came in to give him his pre-op sedation.

Before sedation:

After sedation:

He was in lala land. He always has loved circles and he was MEZMERIZED by this IV pole once those drugs kicked in.

He heard my camera beep for to take that picture, and his head back, his little drunk voice warbled "cheeese!" It was hilarious. He managed to peek his head up to see what I thought was so funny.

He is all healed up now and doing great. So far we have no more snoring, he is talking so much better already, and most importantly--no snot! He has been back at school and hasn't picked up anything! Hooray!