Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Doctor, Doctor!

See those big red tonsils? Found out today that they are coming out May 1. Poor little baby. . .
Oh, and he's getting ear tubes too.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Quack, Oink, Moo, Luke is Two!

Today was Luke's second birthday party, even though his real birthday isn't until next week. The weather was perfect and it was so much fun! Luke is very into farm animals right now and asks for his "farm tv" (Baby Einstein's Baby MacDonald) almost every day. In one swift move by super mom (with help from super dad) we transformed this place into Luke's own personal farm, well, as close as we could get it without going broke or springing for real animals. Heck, we didn't even spring for real hay. Anyway, I think everyone had a good time, I know Luke did.

At the beginning of the month, I whipped out these little invitations:

The barn doors opened to read "Oink, Oink, Moo Moo! Luke M*** is turning two. Join us in cowtown for the celebration!"

Just a few short weeks later it was party time. Our little man woke up ready to party today. Grandma Juli was here which made things extra special. Luke LOVES his Juli. When Juli is here, Luke's world IS Juli. Here he is getting in party mode early.

Mama made some pretty realistic decorations. Luke tried to sit on each animal--somehow though, none of the animals would have it. (Sadie made sure I knew that those animals weren't real.)

Cousin Zoe, whom Luke talks about almost every day, poses sweetly in her cowgirl hat. He says it "Zohhhh-Eeeeeeeee.

I was a little nervous about games. Last year we didn't do any games/activities, but this year I felt like we should. I was nervous about getting the kids interested, but I learned all you need is Sadie or Madie. Get one of those two going, and everyone wants to see whats going on. Make sure they are on your invite list if you need a hoppin' party. Sadie helped Luke and little bro Connor at the henhouse. Each nest was full of eggs and you had to find the eggs with your sticker on it. All the eggs had a prize inside, candy, stickers, super balls, etc. She was really good at finding the matching stickers, and her favorites were eggs that had candy inside.

Cousin Maya was riding this horse like she was in a rodeo! I see some barrell racing in her future.

One attempt at getting a family picture. Do you know how hard it is to get a two year old to stand still?

I truly believe that Luke's favorite element of any party is the food. The fact that our parties are generally buffet style, and almost always have chips, is like Disneyland to him. Not only did he eat the fruit and crackers out at the beginning, but once lunch was served, Luke & Maya split two plates. Then Luke proceeded to eat all the fruit dip off Juli's plate before just taking it away and polishing it off. I got him a second plate which he was hard into when I realized the party was nearing its end and we had yet to open presesnts or cut cake. I had to take his plate away to open presesnts. What other kid do you have to take the food away from to get them to open presents? If you remember from last year, this is pretty much the same food story.

Luke opened his presents slowly. As like Christmas, Luke takes the time to enjoy each gift as he opens. It was a little hard to take away his new toys and "force" him to open another one. He has really enjoyed getting to know his toys after the party.
Then it was time for cake. . .

MMMMMmmmmmm! Creative Memories Bakery provided us our delicious (and cute) cake!

We've been practicing singing the Happy Birthday song and blowing out candles so Luke thought it was great.

A second attempt at family photo.

Luke enjoying his cake.

Sadly, the party, and the all-you-can-eat buffet, had to end. Luke with his Great-Grandparents who had driven a long way to celebrate with us. It was wonderful to have them here.

Luke helped Aunt Kim get ready to leave. They tied on their cowboy hats together.

The party's never over until we have a silly picture of daddy.

Haha! I didn't make you suffer through any compare Luke now with Luke last year. But if you enjoy it, you can check out our birthday post from last year by clicking here.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Dallas Blooms!

We went to Dalls Blooms! at the Dallas Arboretum this week. It was so much fun! There was a petting zoo, lots of play houses, a teepee, and tons of space for the kids to run free in. Luke talked about the goats for the rest of the day. We had a picnic lunch and got to spend time with our friends. We also met little baby Quinn who slept almost the whole time. The flowers were beautiful. I'll never figure out how they keep that place so gorgeous despite the stampedes of children running through there. Thanks go to Cari who suggested we visit during Blooms. The weather was perfect!

Luke playing in one of the houses. He kept crawling up on the bed, wanting the covers, and saying "nite-nite." Then doing his pretend sleep for about 5 sec before popping up.

Our friend Ryan.

Our friend Kati.

These boys look like they are up to something. . .

Lunch Time!

Luke brushing a goat.

Chasing each other around.

Moments after this shot, Luke was stuck in that tree.

Our friends Kati and Amy.

Sweet angel children.

(psst. . .someone hold up the baby's head. . .) Ahh, much better.

Ty chasing bubbles.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Luke's new hat

One of Luke's favorite spots is to perch on the window sill. He eats there, he drinks there, sometimes just contemplates whatever it is two year olds contemplate. I love comparison shots, so here you go. . .

my baby sometime in his first year. .. .

my little man now. . . .

His toes reach the ground!!!!
I walked in on Luke the other day in his playroom to find him up on the table playing with his Little People barn. While I don't usually let him play on top of the table I thought it was cute enough to get a few snaps before helping him get down. After I uploaded the photos on to the computer Luke and I were browsing through them. When I came to the ten or so shots of him up on the table he said "uh-oh, no, no." Yeah, uh-oh! You got caught buddy!

At the end of February, Gene ran the Cowtown Half Marathon. Luke, Juli, and I were all ready to go downtown to cheer him on but, unfortunately, the weather prevented us from going. Freezing temperatures with strong wind gusts convinced us to stay home. We were all ready to cheer for Daddy when he came home. I made a big meal of pulled pork roast, fried potatoes, pasta salad, beans. We cooked and ate all day. Luke was real impressed with Daddy's medal. We had to go dig out a medal for Luke to wear. When Luke was a baby, he got a medal for doing the 1mi Turkey Trot in Fort Worth. It was just a little trinket stamped with a sponsor's logo for the kids. Funny though, the date on the medal is 2006. Must have been leftovers from the previous year. Apparently, Luke won a race in utero. What a champ. Here they are posing with their medals. Couldn't get the boys to smile at the same time, so I'll just post two pics--one with Daddy smiling, one with Luke smiling.

Luke LOVES going to school. He learns so much. Last week they learned about elephants. Luke made an elephant mask and is showing us how to use it.

He is also learning about sharing. This is Luke sharing his animal cookies with Mommy. He is walking them over the table to me.

We've started down the path to potty training around here. Luke is well aware of his potty and what it is for. He's not quite old enough to be focusing too much on it, but we talk about it and look at it and all the things that go with it. Pull-ups. Well, he hasn't figured out much what to think about them, but he loves doing the pull-up hokey-pokey. He puts his left leg in, he takes his left leg out, he puts his left leg in, he takes his left leg out. He puts his head in. HAT!!! Pull-ups are now referred to as hats by Luke. When he sees one, he shouts "HAT!!!" and puts it on his head. I think maybe his daddy put him up to this. I fear they will never make it to their appropriate destination.

This is the goldmine for blackmail. . .