Friday, November 12, 2010

Outtakes of the year

Thank goodness for digital photography. I would have a lot of worthless pictures hanging around otherwise. Now I can just look at them and laugh. My strategy when taking picture (especially with the kids) is to just take a whole bunch, and maybe one or two will turn out great. So then I end up with the other 47 that weren't so great. And me, well, I end up falling in love with the shot of the kid screaming or picking their nose or something because I think it is funny.

All of us have had a bad picture taken. These are mine to share with you.
 No, I was not just snuggling close to my newborn baby. I was PASSED out from sheer exhaustion. This happened every time I sat still for more than five minutes for about the first month-six weeks of Will's life. No, I never dropped him, just woke up with a horrible crick in my neck. I never knew this picture was taken either, until I was going through the camera one day.  (The camera strap in the photo adds to the charm.)
 I wish I could rotate this. It is much funnier upright. 
 Will caught twice mid-sneeze.

I think this might be one that when Will looks back on in about 15 years he might be asking us, "Why are you letting him hold me like that?" and I don't think I have an answer for it.

Will was frequently caught with the "deer in the headlights" look also known as the "WTF??!!" look.

Funny little faces!

 I think Grammy was the only one prepared for this shot. 

 And a few closed-eyes pics.

 Oh the precidaments these boys get themselves, and each other, into. . .

My little cow! Those weren't spots on the camera--they were spots on his face. Chick-fil-a cow spots to be exact. Little stickers from his kid's meal that day. He fell asleep on them and somehow ended up on his face and when I tried to tell him, he wouldn't believe me and wouldn't let me take them off.

 Just looking so teenager-y and put out by this picture!

 I dunno. . . just something about this one.

Some of that raw emotion I love so much.
 Won't someone tell me what is going on?

Ear infection? Check
Snores? Check
Drool? Check
Yep, he's a Moore boy.

I seriously heart this picture. I love that Luke took a picture of his belly and toes. L-O-V-E it.

Totally relaxed.

 And for the Grande Finale!

There is an expression around this house know as the "Drunk Gene Face." Although its really, the drunk Gene eyes. But, anyway, it is the expression in which whe have caught all the boys at somepoint.

It originated here. . . with Gene.
And his sleepy, droopy, drinkin' eyes.
(He is going to KILL me when he sees that I have put this picture up. But I am going to remind him that he TOLD me to do an entire post on the drunk Gene face and I have to give you a reference point.)
I don't remember if he was really drunk here or if it was just a bad shot, but these are the eyes. . .

And here are the boys, emulating their father.

Luke's had wayyyy more than two Drunk Gene Face pictures in his lifetime, but for this post I just went back through this year.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My little goblins

Who is that monster???!!??

Peek-a-boo! It is my sweet Will! Luke picked this costume out for him and it was hilarious. When you were standing above him, you couldn't see his face and it looked like the real Elmo was toddling around. We went to a Halloween party the week before Halloween with a bunch of preschoolers. They were mezmerized with him, stroking his fur, touching the big eyes and nose.

Here is Luke, following their lead. . .
Luke was a police officer.
Looking so innocent. . .

 But not hesitating to keep a little monster in line!

 Mommy and her boys