Saturday, June 9, 2012

Flora & Frank

On Mother's Day my mom gave me a pretty hanging plant. Days after hanging it right outside my breakfast room window a mourning dove had made her nest smack in the middle of my plant. I didn't really notice at first until the plant started to die in the middle. I climbed up to see what the trouble was and found this:

Since then the plant has completely died leaving us an unobstructed view of her and her nest. We named her Flora. When daddy bird came to visit we named him Frank. Flora and I have bonded through all of this, she did kill my mother's day plant, after all. Early this week Flora was perched on the edge of the pot looking very panicked. I thought maybe they eggs were hatching so I climbed up to see, but instead there was a fresh THIRD egg!! I guess that one was a surprise to her too!

Yesterday evening, Frank came by to relieve Flora for a bit. They were both perched on the edge so I thought I'd check out the progress of the eggs and make sure there wasn't a fourth. This is what I found:

Do you see the two fuzzy baby bird heads in the nest? Look left-center. And the third egg in between momma and her babies.

I couldn't stop taking pictures while Flora showed off her babies. Frank is a scaredy cat and flew away when I approached with the camera.

Peeking out to say hello!
She is usually pretty shy about feeding her babies when I'm hanging around, but I got this one.
Two babies, one head up, the other head tucked under momma.

It has been so fun to watch this process of nature. I just wanted to share with you.

So, what should we name the babies???