Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not as exciting as the next installment.

Luke has been a very busy, very rambunctious two year old boy this summer. He and cousins Zoe & Maya have been spending many days together at Nammy & Pop Pop's house and they have been having a ball. Learning to share has been hard for Luke but it a lesson he needs to learn anyway. He has been learning not only how to share toys, but also how to share his Nammy and his Pop Pop too. Father's day was spent doing many things out at my parents house. As usual, Luke spent a lot of time in the car just looking cool.

Then he and Zoe decided to jump in the little pool. Luke has learned how to work the spray nozzle on the hose and was giving Zoe a shower. She surely needed it as she was trying to turn the pool into a mud puddle.

I guess Daddy didn't get the memo that Luke knows how to use a spray nozzle. This past weekend, Gene's office held a carwash to raise money for a chairity walk the guys are doing in a few months. I took Luke and Aunt Bea (that's the camry) up for a scrubbing. I was standing off to the side while Daddy and Luke were sudsing up the car. I noticed Luke pointing the sprayer at me and I said to Gene "Don't you let him spray me." "Oh, I won't" was Gene's reply as he turned back to chatting with the boys and absentmindedly turned the hose away from me. No less than 30 seconds later Luke, with a twinkle in his eye, had turned it right back towards me and before I could get any words out of my mouth I was soaked. Typical boy, getting into trouble--he got both of them into trouble. Don't worry, I forgave them quickly.

Luke loves wearing other people's shoes. I just like to take these pictures so that I have blackmail for the future.

We spent the 4th of July at home, just the three & 1/2 of us. In the late afternoon we filled up Luke's pool and fired up the grill. We tried to get a shot of all of us, but Luke only cooperated once.
One day he talked Nammy into taking him to Wal-Mart to buy him some new cars. Hot wheels are his thing right now--borderline obsession. After talking Nammy into a five pack of new cars it was even worse. Rarely do we go anywhere without at least two. Two is our magic number. I figure he has two hands, two pockets, less likely to lose one. They go to the bathtub, the bed, the car, the grocery store, the ER. . .

Later that day, Luke took a spill in the bathtub that led to a trip to the ER. He busted open his chin while getting out of the tub. He was a super kid while we were there though. Through the whole ordeal, he only cried when he actually fell and then again when they held him down to put the sutures in. One baseball game, five stitches, two popsicles, and a new Corvette hotwheel later we left Cook's ER and headed home.

Here he is playing cars in bed. He parks them in a line and then one-by-one drives them around and back to their original parking spot. Don't mess it up or you'll pay.

Since we got us a zoo pass this year, we have been going to the zoo a lot. This particular day, Luke got spooked by a monkey right after we got there. He was standing right next to the glass when this monkey came and sat directly in front of him. There was maybe an inch of glass between them. Anyway, Luke was in silent shock for a minute, not long enough for me to grab the camera, before he burst out in tears. He calmed quickly but was not up for many more animals that day. That's okay, we spent the rest of the day with the non-animal attractions.
We rode the train twice. (His favorite.)

We tried the carousel again, but again he was too scared to get on the horse. We rode in the sleigh? benches? car? part of the carousel. Going round and round is not something mommy is too fond of. Of course after our turn was over he was upset that he didn't get to ride the horse. Maybe we'll try again next time.
Next, he climbed all over this western-style carriage.

Luke has been real into Hank lately. OCD Hank is doing his best to be good but has to take time-outs for himself occasionally. Here is Luke and Hank learning to be friends. What a good dog!

And lastly, I just like to close with a super-cute boy picture.

The stitches are out now, the band-aids are off. It is all just a memory of when Luke "fell in bathtub. Hurt chin." We have a sono this week to see how number two is cooking along and hopefully we will be able to see if it is going to be a boy or a girl. Once we know, we have a ton of work to do--starting with cleaning all the junk out of the spare bedroom and buying some new furniture for Luke. We'll update the blog as soon as we know.

Friday, July 3, 2009

My Favorite Picture

This is my favorite picture so far from this summer. I don't know why. I guess its just one of those Mommy things. It is right after a huge fit and he has forgiven me but is still a bit pouty. I, however, have not yet forgiven the two ladies who walked about 1 1/2 feet behind us and LOUDLY, OBVIOUSLY, stated "Ooooh. He is mad at his momma. Oh yeah, he is mad at his momma. Oh boy, he is mad at his momma." (etc. until the crying was over.) Yes. I know he is pissed off at me. I am clearly ignoring it. I am not giving in to it. I am going to win because I am MOMMY. I don't need your observations. If you were trying to be funny, then, ha ha. I get it. In fact, I got it the first time. I can even laugh at a good fit now and then. What I do NOT need is you stepping on my heels and talking about us like we are fifty yards away from you. Did you want me to stop and say "Yes. He is mad at his momma. He is mad at me because I made him sit in a stroller because it is too far and too hot to allow him to walk. I am intentionally letting him cry. Thank you."

Anyway, this is after all that. Things had calmed down. I just love this pouty little face. I even said "Smile for mommy! Say cheese!" which he usually complys with but this time he just said "no."

Food Lessons From Luke

Here Luke would like to present his food lessons:

1. It is always nice to share your food.

2. Its okay to get messy. Getting messy can be fun and yummy, but the fun stops when you throw food. Especally at mommy. . . then the fun is REALLY over.

3. When you have a big plate of good food, it is best to find a nice secluded place so that you won't be bothered. Then you should start by licking all the dip off the plate first.

4. Cool kids always act uninterested in food. The thumb is way better anyway.

5. Eating a taco can be tricky. First you have to pick it up an bite it without spilling out all the good stuff.

Then you have to put it down without spilling out all the good stuff.

But that taco always breaks!!!

6. Dirt is NOT food.

7. Milk. . . it does a body good.

8. Cake should be closely guarded at all times.

9. It is considered impolite by some to show your food while chewing.

10. Spoons can be hard to manage. It is best to just drink your applesauce.

11. Cheerios should be shoveled in by the handful, not one-by-one.

12. Animal crackers love to dance! They taste better if they get to boogie a bit before you eat them.

13. Only the truly talented can drink from a cup with no hands!!

14. I don't know how I make it look so easy. . . I just do!