Monday, February 14, 2011

A study in hearts. . .

Getting crafty for Valentine's day. I heard this idea and thought it would be fun to try out.

The pictures didn't come out exactly as I thought they would but I think it is because it was so wonderfully bright and sunny outside today!  We may have to try this again sometime though, because I really like the way some of the pictures came out!

Step 1:  Find empty paper towel roll.
Step 2: Mold towel roll into a heart shape.
Step 3: Hold heart shaped towel roll in front of camera to shoot through.
Step 4: (This is the one we had trouble with) Convince your kids to cooperate! Because there was such a small area to shoot through, any wiggling really made it a strange picture.

Cooperation came to a standstill, so I thought I'd take a few shots of things that were NOT moving targets.

Like grass. . .

and brick walls. . .

and the fence.

And then I thought, "I kinda like these shots, too!"

Finally, I got some shots of Will when he was at a moment of less movement.

Then we took our paper towel roll heart and turned it into a stamp by dipping it into a cup of paint to make some Valentines for Daddy.

Happy Valentine's Day!