Sunday, December 30, 2007

lukes first christmas

okay, here's my new blog. i think ill be good at this because i like to talk. a lot. and i like to look at pictures of luke.

and gene.

and me.

lets talk about the holidays. . .

thankfully i didnt have to work over christmas this year so we got to spend luke's first christmas together as a family. on the 23rd gene's mom, brother, and niece came to spend the night at our house. we had a gourmet dinner of chicken express and corn nuggets followed by gene's favorite dessert--black forest surprise(made possible by an emergency trip to the grocery store). christmas eve morning we opened gifts with gene's family. luke's first gift was from his grandma juli. he didn't quite know what to do with it but i think he enjoyed it.

he did get a few good rips in the paper before all was lost.

that afternoon we met my family at olive garden to celebrate my mama's birthday. luke sat at the table in his highchair like a big boy and ate those bread sticks just as fast as we could tear them up--they're delicious. his self feeding coordination is not perfect yet and he made such a mess that i felt obligated to clean up the floor of the restaurant before leaving. we went back to grammy's for cake and birthday presents and we all got a nap. unfortunately mommy forgot her camera, so i dont have any pics of the afternoon of eve. we took luke to children's christmas service at church where he behaved like an angel. afterwards, we headed out to my sister's house for more food and presents. hooray holidays!

it got a little crazy with all the presents.

we made it home and went to bed.

christmas morning we got up and opened more presents with juli, me, gene, and luke. my family showed up around lunch time and shortly thereafter, juli took off for gladewater. luke opened MORE presents and around this time things started going downhill. lunch took longer to cook than we planned for so it became dinner, luke was highly overstimulated and began to fuss--but would not sleep or eat. i think everyone was a little tired. overall it was a good holiday. it was fun to share it with both our families, but maybe next year we can condense it down a bit. happy new year.

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