Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fresh Summer Pics

This is a long post, but it is mostly pictures. This first one is Luke in his new favorite reading spot...Hank's bed. Appropriately enough, he is reading Go, Dog, Go!I just stepped around the corner for one minute to shut off the hose and when I came back I found this mess. I bought a plant with the intent to put it in a pot and grow pretty flowers. When I got home, I had no empty flower pot. When I got around to buying a flower pot two days later, my plant was already dead. I chucked the whole thing in the pot and set it out on the patio. Luke now thinks it is his toy. He grabs the whole plant--dead flowers and all--and slings it around. Well, the clod of dead plant is no longer a clod; its just a bunch of dirt.He got his shirt from Aunt Kimmie. It says "I STILL live with my parents." We had just gotten dressed and were getting ready to leave the house to run errands. He was covered in dirt. Needless to say, we had to change before we could go anywhere.
Luke & Daddy getting ready to go to Maddy's birthday party last weekend.
Why is this baby crying?? Look closely. . . he has a mouthful of dirt! He found a lump of dirt from our leftover dead plant and decided that today was the day to taste it. Gross! He didn't seem to enjoy it. I guess he won't be doing that again any time soon.

Sweet baby boy riding in the car with his blankie.
Acting silly with Grampa.

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