Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Super long post

I haven't updated in a while so this one's gonna be a doozy.
First things first. . . I know you are all worried about my thumb. You will be happy to know that my friend Fara took my stitches out after two weeks and the skin underneath is healed and healthy. I still have a pink scar but I have complete function. I was forced to add Cuisinart to my Christmas list this year.
Grammy, Luke, Grampa, and myself have all been passing around the sore throat, sinus infection, laryngitis bug. The last few weeks have been pretty snotty around here (again!). I thought we were all past it and now Gene says he isn't feeling well.
On to pictures. . .

Luke still doesn't have too many words. He says yessss/thisssss, dadadadadaddaada, uh-oh, and this weekend he started saying uh-huh and shaking his head yes. We have our speech therapist visiting the first weekend in December to check him out. He also is cutting three teeth right now. Yes, THREE.

He is real into shoes. His shoes, your shoes, any shoes. Here he is wearing mama's shoes around.

Next up--Halloween. We spent Halloween night at Grammy & Grampa's house. They had a block party in their circle and driveway. Luke had a blast and ran around like he owned the place. That kid has no fear.

Here he is after getting all decked out in his penguin costume.

We had to lose the beak for dinner, but he was more than willing to put it back on for the party.

After an hour or so, the beak was just too hot. Luke pulled it off and had a big cold drink. Being a party penguin is tough.

Helping Grampa pick out the next song.

Dancing. He was spinning around and around in circles. This song was "I want candy"--how appropriate.

Too much candy, spinning, partying. Looks like we have a dead duck on our hands. . .

No worries! Our little bird only needed a quick rest.

Moving on. . .

Luke was playing real hard one afternoon and his head was kinda sweaty. We fashioned this lovely unicorn-like style out of his sweaty hair. I thought it was funny.

This morning as we were getting Luke ready for school, he found this old hat on a shelf in his closet and wore it all morning. Today he wanted to wear his backpack (he usually doesn't). I told him he looked so cute and that mommy wanted to take a picture. Surprisingly he stood still and smiled for the camera! What a cooperative boy.

(If you can't tell--the hat has puppy dog ears with eyes & a nose.)

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