Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wrapping up summer

Its been about a month since I last posted so I wanted to do a quick update. Luke & I spent the first two weeks of August in mommy & me swimming lessons. Luke is now very good at blowing bubbles in the water and kicking his feet. We went to Namy & Poppop's pool for Labor day and with all the floaties on he has turned into quite a little swimmer. It was the first time he has allowed me to let go of him while we are in the water where he can't touch the bottom. He was a bit nervous at first but once he figured out how to move himself around, there was no stopping him. Then he didn't want me to hold him at all! It was fun to watch him swimming all around.
At the end of August we took a quick family trip to San Antonio. We only spent two nights there but it was crammed packed full of things to do. I haven't loaded my pictures yet but I am looking forward to sharing them. The highlight of Luke's trip was riding the bus. Luke loves buses--school buses, city buses, rv's. We kept seeing them around town and he would beg to the point of crying to just go ride on the bus. How could we say no? It was the cheapest thing we did there.
Luke started school today. Last week we went to meet the teachers and he was a bit hesitant and shy. Later that day I figured out why as he seemed to be having some *ahem* "tummy troubles" that landed us on house arrest for a few days. Thankfully he was all better by the weekend and back into full-force toddler mode. Holy moly, this kid is two--and he knows it. Anyway, I was a little worried that this first morning wouldn't go quite smoothly, but luckily he went in with a smile on his face and was sitting on his sleep mat by the door smiling when I got there.
As for the baby update, I am now in my third trimester. The baby is growing well--a little too well, but so did Luke at this stage. At my last doctor's appointment I had gained a little more weight than my doctor was happy with, so I have been on strict diet control since then. I knew going into that appointment that I was going to get into trouble. I just make big babies! I didn't feel like I had been snacking a ton or making poor food choices. Gimme a break, food was finally starting to taste good again. I was doing great until this weekend. Darn holiday weekends! Why do holidays have to be celebrated by making deliciously hypercaloric food perfectly sized for endless grazing? I hadn't gained one pound since my last visit until this weekend and now I have to go and get weighed TOMORROW!! Hope I don't get in trouble again.
We are starting to make some progress on getting the house ready for numero dos. We've started by swapping some furniture with my parents and rearranging the office furniture as our office is now going to be our guest room/office and our guest room will be our nursery. Next we plan to get Luke's new furniture ordered so that his baby furniture can be passed down to little bro. We still need to paint the guest room and get all the baby stuff down from the attic to see what is still good and what we need to replace. Luckily they are both born in the cold season so I am hoping a lot of Luke's baby clothes will be appropriate for this one.
As for names, we have yet to definitely pick one. At first we were looking at Owen, but after using it a few weeks it just didn't feel right and we moved on. Currently we are using William, and calling him Will. It seems to suit us better. We are still not 100% yet. There are a few other names we have tossed around. We keep testing names on Luke to see which ones he will pick up on. Gene can get him to answer "What is you baby brother's name?" "Will." But when I ask him he just tells me "baby sister."
Since I haven't uploaded any new pictures lately, I'll just end with one of my new favorites. I like to call it "Drilling for Gold."

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