Sunday, February 21, 2010

Conversations with Luke

The things that come out of that kid's mouth are hilarious, if exasperating at times. I sometimes wish I could preserve my memory to save some of these conversations. It's amazing to think that at this time last year, he was barely speaking 20 words and now (thanks to a bit of medical intervention and a lot of growing up) he chatters day and night, can hold a conversation, can "read" (through rote memorization) you a whole story, and sing songs. The genius kid even makes up his own songs these days.

Act I:
Scene: Luke & Mommy in the car driving home in rush hour traffic from dinner at El Fenix with Nammy & Pop Pop. It is dark in the car. Luke has a box containing his leftover chicken nuggets and one bite of sopapilla in his lap. He has already decided he is ready to eat his leftovers and since he did not touch the nuggets at dinner, mommy gave him the thumbs up to dig in.

Background info: Luke, like most toddlers, often asks "what's that?" and rarely do we know which "that" he is referring to. To help us out, we sometimes ask, "what color is it?" Also, "treat" is a word used interchangeably around here. It might be dessert, a special toy, a sticker, etc.

Luke: Mommy, where's my treat?

Mommy: What treat?

Luke: MY treat.

Mommy: I don't know which treat you are talking about.

Luke: Where is MY treat? Where is it? Where is it?

Mommy: (exasperated sigh) I don't know. We'll find it when we get home.

Luke: Mommy, where is my treat? Help me find it.

Mommy: I don't see it. Which treat is it?

Luke: My treat, mommy. Where is it?

Mommy: Luke, what color is it?

Luke: (long thinking pause) Uhhhhhh. . . . .I don't know. It's in my tummy.


Act II

Scene: Dinner table at home. Taco night. Luke has been attempting to feed Hank(the dog) without getting noticed, and therefore, in trouble. Its not that he doesn't like taco night--the kid LOVES food--he just finds that feeding Hank is entertaining. He is now gesticulating wildly in his chair, index fingers pointing, like some poor disco dancer.

Mommy: Luke, what are you doing?

Luke: I'm talking to Hanky without words.

Oh. That explains everything.

Luke and his puppy sharing a lovely breakfast together.


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