Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hooray for 100!

Hey! This is my 100th post!

This is also my belated birthday post for Will's first birthday party. Soon to follow will be the belated Thanksgiving post and the belated Christmas post.

We just had a small dinosaur party at our house. Will had lots of help opening his gifts. I felt like I was in a child-sized mosh pit.  They were coming at me from all directions with thier little paws out. I felt a little short of oxygen.

 Will didn't mind though. He thought it was great. He loves attention.
 Zoe and Madie next to the birthday boy, just before cake.
 Will presented with his cupcake. He wasted no time digging right in!
 Yum! Yum! Loved it. Ate it up. Started trying to eat mine, so I gave him a second piece.
Don't touch my cake!
 No crumb to waste. He even licked the crumbs and frosting off his party hat.
 Off to the sink for a bath. He doesn't normally get to bathe in the kitchen sink so he thought this was awesome.
 See the tsunami splashing? That is why we don't bathe in the kitchen. He usually floods the place.
 Big brother Luke had fun fun fun. It was almost as fun to him as if it were his own party. He loved all the new toys!
 Clean and dressed and cleaning up the last of the cake bits left in the highchair.
 T-Rex was his favorite dinosaur. Will kept carrying it around by biting it on the nose.
 After everyone was gone, Will had one present left and he got to open it all by himself.

Yay! PJ's
 And, just for good measure, a picture of my darling Luke. He hasn't been featured on the blog much lately due to all this birthday mumbo-jumbo. He is such a big boy these days. I am so proud of him.  He is learning to be a great big brother--some days are hard, but he is doing great.

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