Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mommy's Little Overachiever

Since the beginning of his life, Will has always been developmentally ahead on his gross motor skills.

My "What to expect" book says that around 11 months my baby "may even be able to stand alone well." 
By 11 months, Will had been walking for two months. This is when he began climbing on things, and subsequently falling off things as well. He is a risk taker and is not afraid of anything.

We've started a collection of places we find him where he is not supposed to be.
No assistance was provided in any of these pictures.

He loves climbing in the open dishwasher. Doing dishes while Will is around is very difficult because he likes to empty the dishwasher for you and then climb in it.

These little yellow chairs will be the death of me. He is constantly climbing on them. He even knows that he can push them somewhere to use  to climb on something else.

This wasn't just standing on the swing, it was swinging on the swing standing up. He was laughing and enjoying himself so much!

The only thing that intrigues Will more than climbing is outlets. Reason #2 I can never take my eyes off him.

Obviously, he wasn't climbing here, but boy, was he stuck! And mad! Mommy points again for taking the picture before rescuing the child.

Poor Aunt Kim. She couldn't let him stand on the table alone. . .
But Mommy can!
C'mon. When you see it every day it's not as anxiety-provoking. He was actually doing this to steal things off the counter.

I took him off the table, so he takes his little yellow chair over to the other side of the room to reprogram my computer. Seriously, child!

As much as this drives me crazy, I think he has the most wonderful personality. I think this risk-taking is great because he is never afraid to try new things.  Once he got over his nine-months-of-colic business (who said colic ends at six months?) he has been one of the happiest kiddos I know.


crist family blog said...

your little one and my daredevil need to meet sometime. My Addison is the same exact way. She was walking at 9 months and climbing started at 10 months. Forget about child proof electic protectors she learned to take them off. ANd forget about doorhandles they are the perfect thing to use to climb up the door!

crist family blog said...

Sounds like your little one and my daredevil need to meet! SHe was walking at 9 months and climbing at 10! Forget about electric outlet protectors she pulls them out and plugs the lamp in and forget about doorknobs they are the perfect thing to use to climb up the doors! We now know how to put dvd in the player and works my iphone..God Help US