Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wibber Jibber

A picture happy expose on my littlest one. . .

Age: 21 months
Name: Will
Also know as: Willy, Wibby, Wibbers, Willy Joe

Animal he most resembles: Monkey--for all his climbing abilities! And he's goofy as all get out.
 He talks a lot! He says so many things--and we usually know what he is trying to tell us.  Hard to believe that less than 6 months ago he was in speech therapy! Guess it paid off!
Loves to smile, loves to laugh, loves to watch himself on the iPhone. . .
Likes to make you laugh. . .he has a great sense of humor!

Loves to see what he can get away with when you're not looking.

Can't wait to be just like his big brother

(trying out brother's shoes)

He loves animals--especially doggies.

 He loves music and loves to dance!

Isn't scared of anything. I wish sometimes he was.

Has the best little crooked-toothed grin.

He loves going to school! Is so happy to go every morning and runs into class happy.  He cries when it is time to get in the car to go home.  But I don't really know if its because he wants to stay or if it is because he hates getting in the car.  I think--well am hoping--that when we get to flip his carseat forward in December this getting in the car business will ease up.  It is a fight to get him in 90% of the time.  Ugh, I hate it! But we are following the rules and keeping him back facing until he is 2. It will be the best birthday present for us both! 

Loves to take a walk to go feed our neighborhood ducks. He will take you by the hand to the door and say "walk. . . duck. . ." in a way you just can't resist.  When you get there and give him some duck food, he just holds on to it and watches in fascination as the ducks and geese swarm around us. 

Snuggles his blankies tight at night. . .

I don't know what possessed me to go take this picture while he was sleeping, though. He's not really one you want to accidentally wake up. You may be in for a long night.

 Loves, loves, loves to play outside. He is dying to get control over this car. He can go backwards but not forwards and that makes him so mad. 

He is a drooler! 

He is an artistic genius.  Loves to color, paint, write, and any medium will do.  He tries to color in the lines. He can name a lot of his colors--his favorite right now is purple.  He loves using markers! He likes to draw circles. He knows all his basic shapes. He knows all his letters and will identify them when he accidentally scribbles one out--we see a lot of "D, P, O, M, S, Z, Q, W."  We have nearly broken him of coloring the walls.

But I guess not the blinds.  He loves to hide behind them with a crayon and scribble his little heart out.  I recently discovered this slat. Looks to me like he is writing his name. What do you think? If he's capable of this at 21 months, he must be a genius!

He is so sneaky! He will be sitting sweetly coloring and if you look away for one minute, he will have wandered quietly away with a secret crayon--which he will hide from you when you check on him! He either puts it behind his back or throws it across the room hoping you didn't notice!

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shondarr said...

Your so awesome to write all this. I laugh and 'awe' on your blog. So cute. What a fun household you have! And what a blessing two boys are. So happy for you!