Friday, December 30, 2011

Play ball!

I figure since it's time to sign-up for spring ball I could get around to posting about fall ball. . . Luke played t-ball for the first time this fall. He loved it and was really great about getting out there every practice and every game without a fuss. He was so excited to wear all the parts of the uniform and hit the ball. He really liked playing pitcher. The whole team was 4-6 years old but he was one of the youngest in the group. He only made the age cut-off by a few days. Just wanted to share some of my favorite pictures. I just think t-ball at this age is adorable. There is no pressure to win--or really even catch the ball. I am so tickled by what the kids choose to do out on the field other than play ball.

High-fiving the umpire while taking the pitcher's mound

And here's the pitch. . . (with the imaginary ball of course! I love it!)

Playing catcher's position. 

 Will loves going to t-ball too! Loves everything about it and gets so excited just talking about "ballgame!!!"

 Waiting in the dugout.
 Must have been an eventful game. Luke's in the front.

His coaches were wonderful people. They were so patient and kind with the kids and we couldn't have asked for a better pair.
 Running the bases. The most important part of the game to Luke. He felt successful if he got to run to a base in the game. (He's in the navy pants)
 Will sitting on the bench with the big boys during practice.

He is so excited to play again this spring.  It makes for a busy life around here but we are all enjoying it so far!

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