Thursday, October 18, 2012

A new ear

Anyone who knows Will knows his love of all things sparkly, flowing, or just downright beautiful.

Today at the bus stop he was just staring off into space twisting and twisting and twisting his ear. (It looked painful.)

Me: Will, why are you twisting your ear? What will you do if you twist it off?
Will: (smiling) Twist it off?!?! I'll have to get a new one.
Me: Where do you go to get a new ear?
Will: Go to the store and get a new ear.
Me: What kind of store sells new ears?
Will: The ear fix it store. (Eyes widen and light up, voice raises about three octaves, grin spreads across his face, his feet start dancing and jumping) GO TO THE EAR FIX-IT STORE AND GET A NEW SPARKLY EAR!!!

I can only imagine what sort of bedazzled, rhinestone encrusted ear he has picked out.

(Uh, I guess he doesn't know how much money we have already put in those two ears he has got!!)

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