Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Luke's First Birthday

We celebrated Luke's first birthday last weekend. Since Elmo is the only character to capture Luke's attention so far, we had an Elmo themed party. Here are some pics.

This is the Elmo Family

This is Luke sitting with all the other big kids , and Aunt Kim is helping him eat off of only his plate.

All the kiddos playing with Luke's Birthday present from Mama and Dada

I think the box it came in was just as much fun!

Time for presents! Cousin Zoe helped Luke open presents and show him how to play with them.

Luke loves his Elmo balloon from Grammy and Grampa. It is still floating around our house and he loves to tackle it.

Time for cake! After stealing off everyone's plate all afternoon, Luke wasn't too hungry for cake.

The whole Elmo crew:

Grampa, Grammy, Gradma Juli, Mama, Dada, and Luke

At the end of it all, Mama, and her sleepy baby.


Doug and Tracy said...

OK, just stumbled across your blog, saw the Elmo t-shirts and had to comment....very nice!!!

Stephanie said...

You have a truly beautiful son. I was wondering if you could have a girl next so I can make her clothes. Juli and I were in Hancock's today. There was all this cute material that would make great little dresses. So if you would humor this old woman, who doesn't have her own grandchildren yet, and have a girl next. I would love to sew!!!

And I am sure a girl will be just as beautiful as young Luke.