Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lost in thought. . .

I started this post a while ago. I loaded up all the pictures and walked away. Now I have no idea what I was planning on writing so I will just tell you about these photos and update on our lives of late. Luke is in full-fledged 2 year old behavior. While this is good in that he is improving in his independence and communication, it is also very trying as he pushes his limits every second of every day. We have been learning to choose our battles around here. This is a battle I chose not to fight. Painting with yogurt. Gross--yes, messy--yes, kept him busy while I ate my dinner--yes. I called a stop to it when the yogurt started to get thrown and we went straight to the bathtub.

We have been having lots of fun with our new camera. Luke has learned to say "cheese" and smile for the camera. This first photo is a little blurry but I thought it was a cut picture anyway. (oh, and don't look at my crazy, fuzzy, frizzy, hair.)

This is another "cheese" picture. We were also trying to show off Luke's new hair cut. He did soooo good at the salon this time. Sat happily to get his hair cut, but was so excited about all the fun around him that he was not too still. Those pro's at the kiddie salon worked around it though.

Luke has been put to work around here lately. His favorite chore seems to be swiffering. Just watch out for yourself if he's at work.

Luke just being his crazy self.

Thats all for now. We went for a checkup at the ENT clinic this week. Luke had fun in the waiting room and touched EVERY SINGLE TOY. I degermed him from elbow to fingertip about every five minutes. Sadly, we did not avoid picking something up and are now battling a super-slimy runny nose and a ugly cough. Happy kid, no fever, but messy. Please, oh, please, be better by Tuesday so you can go to school and mommy can go to yoga.

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