Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reporting live from inside the snot factory.

My house is a snot factory. Luke was snotty for about ten days, now Gene is trying to recover from it. I have spent all my money on kleenex and alcohol hand sanitizer. Boogers are imbedded in everything. Unfortunately, it has gone from bad to worse. Anyone who has ever met a toddler on antibiotics has seen the wrath it can do to their tummy. I'll spare details and just let you know Luke changes clothes an average of 3-4 times a day and has one of the worst diaper rashes he has ever had. Poor thing. Gene started his antibiotics today. I already told him he's going to have to manage his diaper rash on his own.

Just for fun, I wanted to include these pictures. . .

I just think this is a funny face at a funny angle and is, well, funny.

This is Luke and his boobie-dog at about six weeks old. . .

This is Luke and his boobie-dog today. Awww! So big. sniffle.

p.s. if a picture could talk, this is what my house sounds like these days.

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