Friday, March 20, 2009

Dallas Blooms!

We went to Dalls Blooms! at the Dallas Arboretum this week. It was so much fun! There was a petting zoo, lots of play houses, a teepee, and tons of space for the kids to run free in. Luke talked about the goats for the rest of the day. We had a picnic lunch and got to spend time with our friends. We also met little baby Quinn who slept almost the whole time. The flowers were beautiful. I'll never figure out how they keep that place so gorgeous despite the stampedes of children running through there. Thanks go to Cari who suggested we visit during Blooms. The weather was perfect!

Luke playing in one of the houses. He kept crawling up on the bed, wanting the covers, and saying "nite-nite." Then doing his pretend sleep for about 5 sec before popping up.

Our friend Ryan.

Our friend Kati.

These boys look like they are up to something. . .

Lunch Time!

Luke brushing a goat.

Chasing each other around.

Moments after this shot, Luke was stuck in that tree.

Our friends Kati and Amy.

Sweet angel children.

(psst. . .someone hold up the baby's head. . .) Ahh, much better.

Ty chasing bubbles.

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