Friday, July 3, 2009

Food Lessons From Luke

Here Luke would like to present his food lessons:

1. It is always nice to share your food.

2. Its okay to get messy. Getting messy can be fun and yummy, but the fun stops when you throw food. Especally at mommy. . . then the fun is REALLY over.

3. When you have a big plate of good food, it is best to find a nice secluded place so that you won't be bothered. Then you should start by licking all the dip off the plate first.

4. Cool kids always act uninterested in food. The thumb is way better anyway.

5. Eating a taco can be tricky. First you have to pick it up an bite it without spilling out all the good stuff.

Then you have to put it down without spilling out all the good stuff.

But that taco always breaks!!!

6. Dirt is NOT food.

7. Milk. . . it does a body good.

8. Cake should be closely guarded at all times.

9. It is considered impolite by some to show your food while chewing.

10. Spoons can be hard to manage. It is best to just drink your applesauce.

11. Cheerios should be shoveled in by the handful, not one-by-one.

12. Animal crackers love to dance! They taste better if they get to boogie a bit before you eat them.

13. Only the truly talented can drink from a cup with no hands!!

14. I don't know how I make it look so easy. . . I just do!

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The Dobkins said...

I love these new pictures, learning to eat looks like a lot of fun! The pouty face is adorable and I can't wait to meet him in a few weeks!