Wednesday, October 28, 2009

it took me down. way down.

Last Saturday around lunchtime I just started not feeling very well. By that evening I was feverish and achy. By Sunday night I was miserable, crying because I was just in so much pain from the fever, vomiting, coughing, I've had every symptom on the list. It is now Wednesday and I am able to get around the house for a few hours before the nausea comes back. I got the regular flu shot this year so we can only assume that this was the dreaded swine flu, and it hit me hard. Somewhere between all of my symptoms and delirium Gene was also hit with something, we're not sure if it was a milder form of the flu or if he just had a stomach bug but thankfully his peaked at its worst before mine did so someone was always well enough to take care of Luke. Gene's was also much shorter. While he is still not at 100% yet, he has been going to work and running the household and stuff. My doctor called in some Tamiflu for me on Monday and after about three doses my fever finally broke. Having the flu is awful, having it and being uncomfortably pregnant is a fate I wouldn't wish on anyone. Plus with all those scary "Pregnant woman dies of swine flu" stories out there I found myself praying more than once that this wouldn't kill me. I think I am over the worst part of it and am hoping to be back at work by Sunday. I am thankful that Luke hasn't gotten it yet and hope it is not on the horizon for us. Just staying at home now and taking it easy for a few more days.

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The Dobkins said...

Oh Liz, how scary and sorry you are going through this. I hope you are back to your self soon and this bad experience is a bad memory. My prayers will be for you!