Friday, November 13, 2009

Part II & update

Part II (in response to Part I of an older post of things I am just now getting around to doing)

These are our pics from our trip to San Antonio at the end of August, just before school started. Luke was excited and ready to go!!

Of all the things the town of San Antonion has to offer, all Luke wanted to do was ride a bus. There were lots around the riverwalk and it nearly brought him to tears to see one--thats how badly he wanted to ride it. So Mommy & Daddy finally gave in and we compromised on a street trolley. There were just less vagrants loitering around the street trolleys as it seemed to center around the riverwalk and hit up more touristy locales. Just look how much he enjoyed it!

And, lucky kid, the trolley took us right to the San Anotonio Children's Museum, where the first thing you see when you walk in is a bus/street trolley! This was his favorite part of the whole museum and he kept running back to the front to hop on.

Even Mommy took a turn driving the bus.

We were able to get him interested in a few other things. The museum had so much to offer and was a good fit for Luke's age. Luke & Daddy took a turn driving the bull dozer. They got to scoop up gravel and dump it in a bucket, but not without their hard hats!

We were only in town for two nights, but it was long enough! Of course we had to do a boat ride on the riverwalk. Luke had sat so still on the bus I thought he would do great on the boat too, so I convinced Gene that we should do a boat tour instead of just a water taxi ride. Oh boy, was I wrong. Maybe it was because it was late and nearing Luke's bedtime or maybe the boat just wasn't as exciting as the bus, but getting him to sit still (which according to the tour guide was an important rule) was impossible and kind of made the second half of the tour miserable. The first part went okay though. This pic was taken before everything went south. . .

The last day we just had a leisurely breakfast followed by swimming in the hotel pool before it was time to load up and head back to our lives. It was time to start thinking about school starting and, as you have seen, Luke was in desperate need of a haircut. This was the first time I ever cried over his hair being cut. I don't know why--maybe the pregnancy hormones but I welled up and had to fight off tears. It has never been this long before and I liked to play with it.

This is before:
(This is his "cheese"-y smile)

And here is after. He always looks older to me with his short hair.

And now is the first day of school--Luke wasn't sad about going to school so much as he was sad about having his picture taken.

Now for the update part. I saw the Doctor on Thursday and I am just beginning to dialate--fingertip. My due date is still a month away and the house is in a bit of chaos. I am needing the time to get ready. After all our illnesses around here I am just now getting the energy back to start working on it. But God always has his own plan--I have been contracting all day. Starting around 9am they have been 3-6 minutes apart all day. They are not painful and most only last about 30 sec so I haven't gone to the hospital yet. We'll keep you updated!

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