Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Food Frontier

It's been a while since I did a good update on Will. To sum it up--he's a maniac. He has earned himself the nickname "Will-da-beast." He still doesn't sleep great at night and now has decided that naps aren't really his style either. He really spends so much time working on his gross motor skills, how can you expect him to find the time to sleep? The kid wears my butt out! He is seven months old today and has completed the following tasks:
rolling both ways
sitting up unsupported
army crawl
regular crawl
super fast get-to-something-forbidden crawl
can get from laying to sitting
pull up on furniture/toys/crib rail
walk along furniture/toys/crib rail
can stand unsupported for 5-10 seconds
has taken his first steps

I really think his motor development is ahead of his age. What else should a baby be doing at midnight other than learning?

Over the last six weeks we have integrated cereal and baby foods into his life. He is not quite the starving baby Luke seemed to have been, but he is enjoying most of his food. The first couple of nights I just fed him in his bumbo chair because I hadn't yet brought the highchair in, but he seemed to enjoy it just the same.

Luke was initially fascinated with feeding Will and even took a few swipes with the spoon. Here he is being silly and trying on a bib. (Yes, he is in a polo shirt and underroos, because that is how he rolls.)

Okay. Enough with the happy baby in the high chair pics. I just wanted to show you the "before's". . .

Before. . .


I wasn't initially taking pictures this day, but the faces he was making were hilarious. This was the first day I fed him peas. He likes them better now. There's a bunch of pictures but they still crack me up every time I look at them. I only wish they had sounds with them.

I love the foot in the air here.

Such drama!

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Ashley said...

I can't believe Will is already 7 months old. Raking steps already?!?! He sounds advanced!

I feel for you on the sleep front. Carter still has not perfected night-time sleeping. I know how exhausting it becomes.