Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School

Today starts Luke's third year at preschool.

His first year, leaving the house went well, Luke was cooperative an happy.

The next year, Luke was neither cooperative, nor happy. I couldn't even get him to stand for a picture.

So, I was expecting the worst this year. To avoid not getting a "first day of school" picture, I actually took a back up picture on "meet the teacher" day last week, just in case our morning was rough.

Funny shot, but he is jumping for joy at the prospect of going to meet his new teachers.

Luke is also very into picking out his clothes and he loves button shirts and shoes--putting them on, taking them off--over and over and over. He got to pick out his outfit for "meet the teacher" day and for the first day of school.

Will went with us to "meet the teacher" day, so he got to be in a shot too.

Cutest boys ever, right?

Anyway, lucky mommy's morning went off without a hitch! I would have chosen different shoes (possibly the new ones we bought for school and he has been D-Y-I-N-G to wear), but, seriously, who cares? I was not picking any battles this morning! He looks awesome AND was cooperative with the picture taking I subjected him too.

Happily went to school with only the slightest hesitation at the door. Yeah!!

I, however, am at home with a sicky baby. Will has been running a fever about 24 hours that the drugs just aren't kicking. Going to the doctor after we pick up Luke from school this afternoon.

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Ashley said...

Oh my goodness... Luke has gotten so big. He looks like a little man! Mr. Grown Up :)

Hope Will is feeling better soon!