Thursday, September 23, 2010

Little Junebug on the Move!

Will is now well into his ninth month and has grown so much this summer. Since today is the first day of fall, I thought I'd review his summer progress.

Summer started out like this. . .

Sitting up on his own if he was propped up the right way. Also, sporting the baby faux-hawk look.
His sitting skills improved quickly. Here he is supported by the boppy, but sitting up much more straight.

And, finally, all on his own.

He is moving around so quickly. He is superbaby--he can crawl faster than a speeding bullet. He loves outlets and things plugged into them. We have a bunch of those nightlights that come on automatically when it gets dark and they are his favorite. Because he gravitates towards them, I have nicknamed him Junebug. The second you look away from him he is making a break for one of those little lights. It has turned into a big game because when he goes after one, you go after him, and he turns around, smiles and crawls faster to get to it before he is swept away--which always makes him laugh and want to go after it again.

He is eating great. We are moving on to real food lately and he loves green beans, carrots, and--get this--peas! Remember the ugly peas faces from this post? He chows them down now! He has six teeth--the better to chew with, my dear.

He is also drinking well from a cup. However, "well" is relative. If you ever saw how Luke drank as a baby then you know how Will is drinking. That means that about half of what comes out of the cup goes down the front of the shirt--I just have drooly kiddos. Luke's drooling improved tremendously once the tonsils came out. Hope we are not heading down THAT road again. Ominous signs are presenting themselves lately--drooling, snoring, and we are currently healing up from our fourth ear infection.

Look at that beautiful hair!! No more faux-hawk around here anymore!

I just love the big eyes in this picture!

Willy still loves his bath time but has graduated to the big bathtub now because his splashes got too big to be contained in the bitty bathtub. He was flooding the kitchen floor with each bath. His second favorite game (behind get-the-nightlight game) is catch-the-wet-baby game. After his bath he will NOT sit still for three seconds to get baby lotion, diaper, and pj's on. We end up corralling him in his room with the door shut. I usually try to corner him and just attack it from all angles. I am really good at diapering a standing infant backwards. This is the Bathtub Bandit calling for help on his imaginary telephone after being imprisoned in his room after bath.

 He has been pulling up on things all summer to cruise along furniture, walls, toys, etc. He now is taking up to four or five steps at a time.  He is a good climber and will just climb over anything in his way instead of going around. This defeats my strategic furniture placement as a way to contain him. Being so mobile does get you into quite the predicaments.

Stuck under the kitchen table.

Just before tumbling out of this end table in the living room.

Plowing through the mess of toys that is our living room.

Will loves playing with his big brother. In moments of sharing, Luke likes playing with Will too.
Luke teaching Will how to drum.

This picture is fuzzy, but they were having fun tickling each other. (The roughhousing has already begun.)
And finally, just wanted to share some more of my favorite pictures.

Just a cute little guy exploring the house.
Bathtub Bandit looking pretty darn sweet and innocent.

And here we are now! He looks so grown up in this shot! Something about this kiddo--most kids look like babies when they sleep, but to me, Will looks older when he sleeps. I don't know if it is because his features are so similar to Luke's and they stand out when he is asleep or if he is just an old soul deep down. Luke still looks like a baby when he sleeps.
Speaking of sleeping--he is sleeping great at night. Has been for a while now. He is still not fond of naps and rarely do they last much past an hour. Because he is so active, I decided to put him in preschool this fall with Luke. He was sick the first week, but has been twice now and done pretty well.

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