Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer Session Two

Swimming lessons ended midway through July, but the swimming fun did not end there! It has been so hot and by the end of the day fighting the kids into the tub is really the last thing I want to do.  I decided to make it easier on myself so we have been having a few outdoor bubble baths.  The boys love it and it makes bathtime bearable. Don't judge me!

Luke took soccer at the rec center for second session.  He did so good! Maybe a future soccer star! He now knows this teacher because she taught his basketball earlier this summer and the soccer class he took last year.  He was real excited that his friend Sebastian, our neighbor, was in his class and they palled around the whole time. I can see these two getting themselves into some adventures when they are a little older.

Will watching from the sidelines and dying to get in on some of the action!


Just for fun. . .
Will chilling out in the puppy bed. My kids love the dog bed. I could probably do an entire post of pictures of my kids in the dog bed.  Maybe I will save money on buying them furniture and mattresses and just purchase them dog beds for their bedroom.  Think of how much space that would free up!

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