Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rec Center Classes

Every summer, I put the boys in classes at the rec center to keep them busy. This year we went a little light on the class load due to my work schedule, but they are having a blast regardless.

First session Luke had basketball and Will had tumbling.

Luke was so excited on his first day of basketball. He watched a lot of the basketball playoffs with us and roots for Dirk. Here he is with our tiny basketball at home before going to his first class. 

On the last day, they let the parents into class to show off their skills.

Luke is in the red shirt and white shorts. The greatest part about this is that he actually PARTICIPATED in every class! And did everything his teacher asked him to. This is a huge milestone for Luke and we were so proud. He has a history of being really excited to do things but then chickening out at the last minute and refusing to participate.

He was worried about dribbling. He couldn't do it (probably because he only has that tiny, mostly flat basketball at home and can't practice). We really encouraged him to try and talked about how important it is to practice something if you want to get better. Finally in show off day, he dribbled the ball three bounces in a row! He shot us a thumbs-up afterwards.

Our friend Ryan was in his class. Here are the two boys plotting something. . .

Will LOVED tumbling. He loved all the running and climbing. He did everything everyday and loved the big red mats.

I had to do it with him. He's not quite old enough for the beginner class so we did Mommy and Me. This picture describes exactly how I felt most of the class--BLURRY. Will is so dang fast!

(If you can't tell, he's doing a roll. His head is down and feet are up)

Next comes swimming! We just finished up swimming lessons this Friday and both the boys had a blast! Will literally could not wait to go in the gate everyday and threw these gigantic temper tantrums every morning when we would wait for his class to be called to come in. 

He loves everything about swimming except for the fact that you can't quite let go of him in the deep water. He has even started "swimming" at bath time.

Luke has progressed so much from last year!

Here's a refresher from last year. . .

Refusing to put his face in the water. . .

This is supposed to be "snorkeling" but he wasn't buying it.

Clutching to the instructor. . .

And crying on the side. Poor thing. His mom must be real mean to put him through all that.

And now for this year. . .

Happy in the pool.  Ready to snorkel. . .

His face was all the way in!

Swimming with his instructor.

Even jumping in!

Way to go Luke! We are so proud of you!

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