Friday, September 26, 2008

First Gallery Exihibition

Luke does art everyday at school. I don't plan to hold on to every single piece forever, but its still too new right now to let anything go. For those of you who enjoy kid art--here is Luke's school work. . .

The first day. . . .

Hard to see this one, but there really was a lot of colors used. Luke, always a lover of circles, prefers to draw dots instead of lines with the crayons. He usually just jabs the paper with the crayon over and over until he throws the crayon or crumples the paper.

Second week, they focused on BLUE.

This day the teacher told me "Luke really focused well today. He glued it himself."

. . . . cows. . .

His other cow art was so good they hung it on the wall.

On to star week. Because he got sick, he only made one star project.

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