Friday, September 26, 2008

Sad, Sick, Slimy Baby

Around our house, we have been battling snot, slime, and drool since hurricane Gustav blew all the ragweed around. We've been treating Luke for allergies for a few weeks now but over the weekend he became extra grumpy, and by Tuesday he was miserable. Tuesday night was restless for all of us as Luke struggled to breathe through all the slime. That night he developed "stinky sick breath" so he bought himself a visit to the pediatrician first thing Wednesday morning. Surprise, surprise--he had a sick throat. I'll spare you the details and jump to the recovery. We started some antibiotics, round-the-clock tylenol/ibuprofen, and lots of yummy popsicles.

Here is our sad, slimy, sick baby.

Here he is checking out a popsicle. Trying to decide whether or not to eat this thing and how exactly.

So the popsicle was devoured and he cried when I threw the stick away. Don't worry, we have many, many more popsicles.

After about 24 hours of antibiotics & popsicles, Luke was starting to feel better. We went out to play in the backyard and we found a flower. I picked it and gave it to Luke who carried it around pretty much until it disintegrated.

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