Monday, December 29, 2008

Mega Christmas Post

Here is the super long Christmas post I promised.

Christmas morning started out slow. Grandma Juli spent the night with us and we started rolling out of bed somewhere around 8:30 or 9. Hank spied the first gift. I don't know how he found it or how he knew it was his, but he spied his little puppy Christmas present up on the mantle before the festivities even started. He was jumping and whining and carrying on even before we woke Luke up. It made lots of loud squeaky noise so we had to throw it outside and let him squeak it out there until we got Luke up.

I went in and woke up Luke and led him out into the hall. Juli had not yet arrived when Luke went to bed the previous evening, so his first surprise was seeing Juli in the recliner. He stopped dead in the hallway. We had to coax him down the hall and when he looked at the car he turned around and went back to the other end. I think he thought he was dreaming. Here he is still very groggy.

Once we finally got him to come all the way into the living room, he climbed right in the car. This is pretty much how he spent the entire day--in the car. I have 100 pictures of Christmas day; 85 pictures are of Luke in the car. So I picked just a few of my favorites to share with you.
First moments with his cozy coupe. . .

Let the festivities begin!!

This is Juli opening one of her favorite gifts. . . all our dead batteries! (Don't worry, we got her real gifts too!)

Hank enjoying his gift too. . .


Luke having breakfast--in the car.

And back to the gifts. Luke showing us the plate he made for his family at school. It was wrapped under the tree with a card and everything! We used it in the afternoon for our snacks. He is now sporting his new Curious George t-shirt over his PJ's, but still in the car!

Luke did come out of the car eventually. And when he did, he got to open this gift. . .

Elmo Live!! Elmo live is such a part of the family now that he has his own sleep spot--in the closet!

Even Grampa loved Elmo!

Cousin Alicia visited around lunch time. Oh no! Her ice cream slab got busted!

Grammy and Aunt Kim were there too!

It was a wonderful day! I think everyone had a good time. Gene busted out Elvis meets Nixon for everyone to watch, and we munched on tamales, sandwiches, dip, sweets, etc until I thought I was going to explode! Hope your Christmas was as fun as ours!

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Ashley said...

Looks like Santa made a great choice with the car! Glad you guys had a good Christmas.