Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanksgiving in pictures

Back in May I set a goal to run the Turkey Trot 5 k this year. Early Thanksgiving morning, we all got up and headed out together to get it done. My sister Kim went with us.

Last years, 1K baby trot. . .
Brrrrrr! it was SO COLD that day.

This years photo-- Much nicer weather!

Luke got excited at all the commotion at the end! Or maybe he just knew he would be out of the stroller soon.

This one is a little hard to see us, but Luke has a great expression on his face.

We went to my parents for lunch. Luke was most excited about getting to wear a shirt with a turkey on it like everyone else. He just kept pointing at all the turkeys.

Here's a shot of the whole trot team.

We tried to get just one good picture of all the cousins together--well, this is the best one we got. It's hard to share the rocking chair these days.

Cousin Zoe brought over the most wonderful Turkey hat she made at school. She was so nice to share it with Luke who happens to LOVE hats. You can see how much he enjoys it. Look at those sweet rosy cheeks!

I think Luke's favorite part was the free reign in the food department. Unlimited chips and crackers were all within his reach for a good part of the day. I think he also loved being around so many people. He will just crawl up in your lap and give you a good talking to--we're just not sure yet what exactly he is saying. . .

Here he is having a serious talk with Aunt Suzie.

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Ashley said...

Good for you guys... the run!

Luke looks so big. We all need to get together so we can see him again :)