Friday, November 20, 2009

Baby Update

I visited my OB yesterday and am now dialated to a two, thinning, and the baby is very low. She doesn't think that she'll have to induce me or that I'll make it to my due date. I haven't had anymore episodes of contractaions that are regular. Even though I already had the swine flu, I wasn't tested for it so I got the swine flu shot yesterday. Luke has been running a fever since Tuesday and we got him started on antibiotics yesterday. The doctor thinks it is just a sinus infection. (Thank goodness it is not the flu!!) My mom came over on Wednesday to help us get the house closer to ready. Once I finish the laundry today (hopefully) all we will have left to do is fixing our new office/guestroom and straightening up the garage--which took a major hit with all this cleaning out/unpacking/rearranging we've been doing. Will's room is 95% ready to go. I have to work all weekend. We'll see if history repeats itself--at this exact point in my first pregnancy, I worked Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (three in a row) and went into labor Sunday night/Monday morning. I am working three in a row--maybe we'll have a baby on Monday or Tuesday!

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