Monday, November 16, 2009

Tricks and Treats


Not too surprised, but the contractions turned out to be false labor. I never went to the hospital--just stayed at home waiting for them to get painful. After about 13 hours of regular contractions, they dwindled off. I am back to having irregular contractions. I have been having irregular contractions since I was about 17 weeks along, and since I was about 33 weeks or so they have been as often as once an hour--but not regularly spaced and not painful. That means they are just Braxton-Hicks contractions and not real labor. I worked on Friday night and about 2am I started having some painful contractions but they were not regular so they don't qualify as real either. They lasted until I went to bed around 8am. I think I was having those just from the irritation of being at work. I remember last time with Luke, I had this really painful spot on the biggest part of my belly that would actually be sore after working. It is from where my belly hits the edge of the beds at work. This is where all my contractions were starting from and radiating out. Once I stopped banging my belly on the beds at work my contractions stopped. I don't know when Mr. Will is going to make his appearance, but I don't think we'll make it another four weeks. One thing the false labor did for us was get our butts in gear and get this house ready for a baby. Although we aren't quite there yet we made some giant progress this weekend. My mom is coming over on Wednesday to help me finish up and I'll have Thursday to work on it too before I have to go back to work.


I love, love, love the state fair. I love everything about it--the corny dogs, the stinky animals, the midway filled with hooligan teenagers. I have only missed it a few times in my life and that was during college when I lived in Waco. This was Luke's third state fair, and I think he had the most fun so far. We spent around an hour in the petting zoo--which Luke loved up until the goat ate his feed cup. This resulted in lots of tears and shortly thereafter we left that petting zoo. Luke got to have his own Fletcher's corny dog. He didn't care too much for the corny part, I think it was too hard for him to eat. He picked the breading off and was happy to eat the hot dog inside. Like any good American kid, hot dogs are one of his favorite foods.

Luke really enjoyed Halloween! I think this is the first year he is truly going to "get" celebrations and holidays. He's real into parties right now. We had a bunch of birthday parties followed by Halloween parties followed by birthday parties. I know he has the association down that birthday party = cake. Kid loves cake. I was trying to get a picture of his Halloween shirt that he wore to his Halloween party at school but he was too busy eating his crackers. I think it's a cute picture anyway.

Trick or Treating:

The actual night of Halloween was great for Luke. I was still trying to fully recover from my flu (but not contagious, just tired and weakly). Luke loved putting on his costume, loved carrying his pumpkin bucket, loved trick-or-treating, but most of all--loved the kids trick-or-treating at our house. In a crafty mood this year, I made his costume. Not the work of the worlds greatest seamstress, but I think it turned out okay for a two year old. I decided to spare him this year and not force him to wear anything goofy on his head. If you remember, his first Halloween he was a pea pod and last year a penguin. Baseball player it is! He already wears his baseball caps willingly. (Ignore the messy playroom in the background. I am sick and weakly, remember?)

Making goofy faces for my camera.

Nope, he's not looking for the ball. He is checking out the fairies in the front yard across the street and BEGGING to go over there. They were out having their pics taken too. Luke was fascinated that they had a pink pumpkin bucket and a purple pumpkin bucket and was just dying to go check out those pumpkins. (Or the fairies, not really sure which one.)

This is him telling me "I want to go over there!!" to check out those fairies pumpkins.

Practicing for later.

His agent took him out for some door to door action.

After they had enough, the boys came home and helped me hand out candy. Luke loved the kids ringing the doorbell and parked himself right by the door until we shut it down. Later that night he woke up crying and I went to his room. After he calmed down all he could talk about was the kids at our door. I guess he was dreaming about them. Man, if he liked Halloween so much, what is he going to think about Christmas??

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