Sunday, December 27, 2009

Strictly Will

This post is just for pictures of Will. I will post our Christmas Pics next time--there are a ton! I promised I would post some pics a few days ago but I was having trouble with uploading them. I don't know if the problem is completely fixed yet, but I got them uploaded for now. Sorry they are a bit late.

We are still getting to know our little guy and figure out his likes and dislikes. This is what we know so far.

1. He likes to eat.

2. He likes to poop.

Beyond that, we are pretty much clueless.

I am convinced that the La Leche League fairy snuck into the nursery at the hospital and whispered sweet nothings into my baby's ear while I was sleeping because he is like their poster child. Not only is he a champion breast feeder, but the kid's favorite sleeping spot is right on the chest--he doesn't have to be eating, he just wants to lay his head right there--skin to skin. Also, this is really the LLL kicker, he HATES pacifiers, HATES them. It seemes as if he takes it as a personal insult to even bring one near his face. In the first few days he didn't mind them, but now--oh boy, you had better keep that thing far, far away from him. Luke didn't reject his pacifier until he was six weeks old which gave us six weeks of misery waiting for him to find his thumb. Thumb sucking seems so far away for us now.
Will doesn't much care for too much swaddle either. Luke loved to be swaddled--tightly. Most babies at the hospital love to be swaddled as well. I like to swaddle. I think it's cute and I like that it keeps them tucked in and asleep. Well, it really ticks this kiddo off--especially if you don't leave his hands out. Once he gets in a good sleep, he likes to throw his arms up over his head.
Moral of the story--if you really want to upset my kid, swaddle him snugly and stick a pacifier in his mouth! Really, what other newborn has this personality???!!!???


Ashley said...

He's a cutie! Glad to hear he is nursing well. Learning a baby is NOT an easy task. Some days I still feel lost with Carter :)

The Dobkins said...

Love that last picture, too cute! Sounds like life is getting back to normal, well a new normal! I hope you and Gene are sleeping and glad to hear everything is going so great!