Thursday, December 31, 2009

Santa stopped here!

Luke was soooo into the holidays this year and really looking forward to Santa Claus visiting our house. He loves Christmas lights, Christmas trees, and knows tons of songs. We visited Santa when he was at the mall the week before Christmas and Luke asked him to bring him some cars. Well, I guess Luke was on the good kid list because Santa did not disappoint. He got a kitchen with lots of accessories.

I'm not sure if you know this, but this kitchen actually serves another purpose other than for kitchen play. It is really great for parking cars in! For the first few days, he kept emptying it out and filling all the doors with his expanding collection of cars.
Luke is really good at talking Gene and I into buying him little Hot Wheels when we are at the store. They are super cheap--usually less than a dollar, and its an easy reward when he's being extra good. The only thing Luke likes more than getting a one car is getting a multi-pack of new cars! Here he is getting a 20 pack! Lucky dog!

Playing cars in the aftermath of Christmas morning. He is going to be a GREAT valet driver someday.
Will fell asleep in the middle of all of this.
The only thing left to do was bundle up and go play in the snow!! Luke was really excited about playing in the snow.
This is my favorite picture of the whole day!!
Daddy & Luke having a snowball fight!
They even made a snowman!

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