Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You have five days to vacate the premises. . .

This is a formal eviction notice presented to Mr. William. You are hereby ordered to vacate the premises immediately. Due to persistent complaints in regards to excessive use of common living spaces, late night disturbances, and physical aggression with the landlord, we feel we no longer meet your needs for habitation. If you fail to vacate in five days, medical proceedings will commence immediately and authorities will remove you from the premises.

In order to speed your transition, we have pre-arranged transportation to your new living quarters. You will be more than comfortable in a newly redecorated first-floor room. Freshly painted and with a beautiful chair-rail hand cut and installed by dedicated Dada. You will enjoy vaulted ceilings and ample storage. Amenities include adjacent laundry facilities, full kitchen, free room service, personal hygiene assistant, and round-the-clock concierge services. Linen service provided daily with door-to-door trash pick-up.

Okay, okay. This is my retarded way of saying--I'm ready to be done!! If this baby doesn't come out before next Tuesday, I will be headed to the hospital early Tuesday morning for an induction. Will's room is pretty much completed except for hanging a few things on the wall. Tuesday--dang! I still have to work two more shifts and attend a work party. My Dr. has been promising me all along that I wouldn't go this far! What do dr's know anyway????

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Ashley said...

WOW... I thought you had stopped blogging! My reader showed your last post was 2 months ago and then this one just popped up. I just caught up with all your other posts, too.

Will's room looks great! I hope he comes on his own... tonight :) I know that "done" feeling!