Thursday, May 6, 2010

Let' talk about ME!

Things you may not know about me. . .

1. I really love bland food--its my favorite. White rice with butter, Malt-o-meal, buttered noodles--all staples of my diet. Not until adult-hood did I start to experiment with flavor.

2.  I obsess over misplaced items. If I can't find something, my life becomes consumed with finding it. Gene knows it all too well.

3. I like to use things to their fullest--pick out every cereal bit from the crumbs in the bag, use the last drop of shampoo, use up the sliver of soap until it just disappears. Ahhhhh. . . . sweet satisfaction.

4. However, I will NOT eat the last bite of food (unless it is a dessert) on my plate. This is referred to as the "butt" of the food, and I don't eat butts. (This started when I was young. My parents gave up trying to rationalize me out of it.)

5.  I love high heels.

6.  I plan out my family's meals every week and jot it down in a journal. I have been doing this since May 2007 and I love to look back through the journals to see what we ate this week last year. Maybe it will be good to eat this year too!

7.  I can play the piano and the guitar. Not wonderful on either, but I can read music for the piano and read chords for the guitar. I used to play the clarinet in middle school but I don't have one anymore. For my nursing school pinning ceremony, I composed a song--music and chords--which was performed by a girl with vocal talent and I accompanied her on the guitar with a friend.

8.  Right now I am obsessed with oranges. I could eat five a day. As soon as I finish one, I start dreaming about the next one. I think it is an addiction.

9.  I can type super-fast.

10.  I hate driving, especially at night. I am content to be the passenger 99% of the time. The other 1% is when I don't trust the driver.

11.  I love working at night. I have been working nights since 2001 when I was still in nursing school. Gene really wants me to work days right now while Will is battling his colic/insomnia. Don't they make baby ambien?

12.  I am resistant to change--especially when it is in the technology field. I was the last person I know to learn how to text message, I don't have an iPhone, I don't even Facebook yet.

13.  I love to read the newspaper. The real newspaper, you know, the one that turns your fingertips all black? The internet newspaper doesn't cut it. I read the locals, Dear Abby, and the Life section everyday. I used to do all the crosswords, but then I had kids.

14.  I listen to the radio a lot. I turn it on at breakfast, listen through to lunch, and back on after naps until dinner is over. I can't stand to have the TV and radio on at the same time though. The two sounds together junk up my brain, so if Luke wants to watch TV, I have to turn it off.

15.  I have a serious case of middle child syndrome. I always have and I have given up on ever finding a cure. Instead, I run support groups to teach coping skills.

16.  I am the lone female in the den of testosterone that is my home.

17.  I like to think I could go out drinking and be fine in the morning, but the sad realization is that I am too old and too sober now. After my first pregnancy, my tolerance went out the window. One stiff margarita and I am toasted for the evening--hoping not to wake up with a headache.

18.  I recently forgave someone after seven years of silence.  Funny, I hate the silent treatment--to give or to get. When people use the silent treatment against me I just continue to call them and talk to them as if I didn't realize they were mad until they give in or forget why they were mad in the first place. I guess this was just a really bitter argument.

19.  I am a bit of an impulsive shopper. Don't send me into Target alone with a budget. Don't send me to Wal-Mart at all--can't stand that place.

20.  It took me two weeks to think of twenty things you might not know about me. I guess I don't have too many secrets.

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