Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wide World of Will

Wide AWAKE world of Will is more like it! I am telling you--this kiddo does not sleep! It's a good thing he is so darn cute, because at 3 am, I am not the happiest person to be awake, but just look at this smile--

Doesn't that just make you forget all your troubles??

In the past month we have at least gone from awake & crying all night to just awake and playing all night. Only problem is, he doesn't want to play by himself quietly in the crib--I mean who would, right?? So Gene and I have been taking turns at night staying up with him. By no means are we encouraging this behavior. We are not up singing nursery rhymes and playing pattycake, mind you. It is lights out, entertain yourself with this rattle tied to the side of the crib business. However, a baby can only entertain himself like that for about 3 minutes before he drops it and forgets it ever existed. Then he once again finds himself alone, in the dark, in his crib with only the dalmations on his mobile for company. For example, just last night, he was awake from 11:00 pm until 4:00 am. I think he is averaging about six hours of sleep a night--not necessarily six consecutive hours either.

By the way--he is nearly FIVE MONTHS OLD!!

This is way to old to be acting like this! We have tried everything we can think of. I don't know what to do at this point except wait it out and keep reminding ourselves that it won't last forever. I just hope he will get some of the great sleep habits Luke has. For now we just take turns and swap shifts every night. I think in April he slept well (read this: was asleep by 10 pm and woke only once for a brief feeding) three times. These nights are so rare that I am actually marking them down in his baby book calendar.

Okay, enough about his sleeping habits.
My genius baby is a mover and a shaker. Since he has so much awake time, he has had plenty of time to work on his motor development.  He was rolling over one way at two months, and right at four months he started rolling over both ways. He loves to stand up (with help, of course) and loves to be talked to.
He still loves bath time. He L-O-V-E-S the TV. I try to keep him from the TV but he will wiggle and arch and roll around and whine until he can see it.

He is so strong! All the fussing and fighting he has done in his little life has really built up his muscles. When he gets mad, you had better watch out! He can arch his back, swing his fists, head-butt, and dig his toes in to your belly.

He is happy to sit up in his bumbo chair and watch the world going on around him.

If you can remember, he was born with a full head of dark hair. That beautiful hair is falling out faster than mine these days. For a while we were able to tolerate this cute little comb-over here. . .

But then it turned into this stringy-looking hair until Mommy got tired of it and trimmed it a bit. It looks better but he has all these random single hairs now that are like 6 inches long. You will find one you think is a hair already shed and try to whisk it away only to find it is still connected somewhere. The changing table, his crib, and carseat all have dark patches of shed hair on them.

At his four month check-up he was just shy of 15 lbs.

He adores his big brother Luke. He loves to watch Luke play and often if he is fussing, if Luke will go talk to him he will just stop and smile. Luke likes him pretty well, too. He is very concerned that we are taking good care of him and likes to see him playing with his different toys. Luke loves to decide what Will gets to do next--his swing, his toy jungle, his bouncer, etc. Also, Luke gets upset in the car if I have pulled the sunshade on Will's carseat too far and he can't see his eyes. He will not let me drive if he can't see Will's face. He loves to go in with me to get Will out of his crib when he wakes up and likes for me to hold him up to peek at him before getting him out.

I have more cute pics to share--ones that show his balding pattern more, but I haven't uploaded them to my computer yet. I'm doing good to get these up for now.

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Ashley said...

I feel for you guys on the lack of sleep. It is not easy to deal with day after day after day. I hope Will starts sleeping more at night very soon.

Will is looking a lot like Luke these days. What handsome brothers!