Monday, May 17, 2010

Picture Catch-up

I just got so behind with all the pictures that I wanted to share so I decided to just make one long post of pictures with short descriptions rather than long stories.

Luke, Mommy, and Will at Aunt Fara's before the March of Dimes walk. Daddy walked with us too, but he was taking the picture.

The little family at Easter. I look like a grandma sitting in that rocker with all the little boys around.

More Easter. Daddy picked out the "after church clothes" outfit.
Mommy and Will--both sporting a comb-over.

I snapped this on the way home from my Mom's one evening. If you look in the mirror, you can see that both boys were completely sacked out. Oh, and I didn't pick out the bow. Luke found the ribbon in a drawer at Grammy's house and wanted to be "wrapped up like a present."

Will has been introduced to all sorts of new toys this month. Some he is happier about than others. . .

The doorway jumper.

All tuckered out from bouncing.
And the Exersaucer.
This is also the "after" picture for the home haircut.

One evening Will was fussing, so Luke got down on his blanket and taught him how to play trucks. He loved it.

Then he learned about trains. Big brothers know lots of things.

One afternoon after school, Luke was playing in the backyard while I was watching and cooking dinner. I noticed him spending a lot of time up against the fence and went out to see what was going on. He was chatting with our neighbor, Gage, who is a few months younger than Luke. You can kind of see Gage through the fence slats. Luke kept sticking his art project (a small paper cross) from school through the slats to show him. It was really cute until Luke lost his project and started crying. Luckily, Gage's parents were chilling on the patio and were able to pass it back.

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Ashley said...

Geez... Will has gotten so big! And Luke looks like a little man!

Sorry to hear you guys have been visiting the doctor a lot, too. It is not fun to have a sick kiddo... so I can't imagine having two. Hope the boys are feeling better quickly!