Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A little bit more Christmas. . .

Since today is the Epiphany, I guess it is my deadline to get Christmas all wrapped up.

Due to the bad weather over Christmas, Gramma Juli didn't get to our house until a few days later. She came bearing more gifts than Santa Claus himself. Luke really hit the jackpot with Juli. If the way to Luke's heart is through Hot Wheels, then Juli took the expressway. Luke's car collection doubled in less than half an hour! He was ecstatic. This picture is a bit blurry,(because the unwrapping had begun furiously) but you can see just how big his pile of gifts is!
Halfway through the Juli gifts, Uncle Mike brought out his gift for Luke. A bag of peanut butter cups!! Luke's favorite!! (You can see the new cars piling & lining up near Luke!)
Cousin Hayden was there too with his Mommy & Daddy. The boys seemed to have a great time together. Hayden was all smiles despite sharing difficulties on Luke's behalf. Sharing is hard, but as long as Luke got to pick which car to share everything was a-ok.

The next morning, Gramma Juli and Will got to spend some time cuddling.
Luke had to get on the cuddling action. At this point he had commandeered a LED headlamp that Gene got in a multipack of flashlights. He wore this headlamp--turned on--for at least two days until it "disappeared." But it randomly resurfaces and always goes straight to Luke's head. It is actually good for something. You know, sometimes I'm tied up with Will and Luke wants to play in a room that is dark. Ta-Da! Headlamp fixes that problem.
I just think the headlamp is hilarious and couldn't stop taking pictures of it.
Pretend like you don't notice how messy my child's face is. . .

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