Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Today's Score: 5

I pretty much keep a running score in my head which I refer to as my "mommy points." These are points I give myself (or take away) when I feel successful (or unsuccessful) in things related to my life. Let me give you some examples:

These are recent points I have gained/lost:
Took Luke to see Santa Claus at the mall with my 1 week old strapped to my chest: 15 points
Clipped off most of Will's thumb when trying to trim his nails:-30 points (bad. I felt awful. lots of blood.)
Remebered to change Luke's soiled sheets before it was time to get back in bed: 4 points
Short fuse (in general--I'm blaming on lack of sleep): -5 points per episode
Mopped the kitchen floor: 12 points
Made a healthy dinner: 4 points
Baby drifted off to sleep in my arms with out a single fuss: 7 points
Fell asleep and missed pick up time at Luke's school (by just a few minutes. Thank God we live so close to his school! He didn't notice I was late): -10 points

This morning I have awarded myself the following points. . .

I woke Will up an hour early because I read the clock wrong and then had to put him back to sleep: -10 points
Getting Luke to school on time: 2 points
In clean clothes (Luke): 1 point
In a cowboy shirt and cowboy hat on western day: 5 points
Will is dressed and happy(ish): 2 points
I am in jeans and a real shirt: 4 points
My teeth are brushed: 1 point
Remembered to go to the post office (and thus I get to check something off my to-do list!!): 3 points
Cut Will's fingernails without inflicting trauma: 1 point
Chose to watch my DVR'd Intervention instead of do laundry: -3 points

Hooray! I'm in the positive and it isn't even noon yet!

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Ashley said...

Quite funny! Good job on staying in the positive so far today...