Sunday, July 3, 2011

Catching up: And then he was four. . . (otherwise known as Luke's Birthday, Part One)

My sweet baby Luke turned four years old in March. OMG! I can't believe how fast it has all gone.
The day before his birthday, Thomas the Train came to Grapevine. We decided to take Luke for his birthday. Luke enjoys the Thomas shows and has a train table that he plays with, but, Will LOVES Thomas! Before he could talk, we taught him some baby sign language. He created his own sign for Thomas and still uses it! We knew both boys would have a good time.

It was hot on the train, but we had good window seats, and once we were moving, things cooled off a bit.

After the ride, we walked around the station a bit. They had some fun things--bounce houses, puppet shows, petting zoo. Will just wanted to run free, but we would lose him in about 2 seconds if we did that. Poor thing got strapped into the stroller against his wishes and protested most of the afternoon. Gene and I took turns distracting him before we headed home.

And the next day was the big day!! Luke woke up as a big four year-old!!

He really really really really really wanted a crane-that-works-and-dings-like-the-one-we-saw-at-the-museum. You know, the industrial, mile tall crane rebuilding the museum district? We can get one of those, right? And the dinging he heard wasn't coming from the crane, but he would not accept that explanation. Anyway, Handy Manny's construction job crane has been an excellent fill in.

Sweet brother enjoying the birthday morning festivities!

Next post: Kids out of their PJ's and onto the par-tay!!

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