Sunday, July 3, 2011

Catching-up: Easter

We hosted my family at our house for Easter this year. It was a lot of fun for the kids. My adorable angels sat for pictures for about 30 seconds--but that was all I needed because, as I said, they are adorable.

Easter egg hunting commenced while Will napped. It was probably better that way because we hid the eggs in the front yard and when we go out there Will only wants to run in the street anyway. Prior to Easter, Luke asked me who hides the Easter eggs. I told them that the Easter bunny hides the Easter eggs. He laughed at me and said, "No mommy, tell me who really does it." So we decided not to work hard to keep up that facade. It took no fun out of it for him. Luke and his cousins lined up for one last shot before chaos ensued.

On your mark. . .

get set. . .


Sweet Luke was very concerned that Wibby didn't get to participate in the egg hunt. We had some eggs set aside for Will and later that week Luke made sure he got a hunt. I gave Luke the set aside basket of eggs and sent him out in the back yard to hide them. I told him not to hide them in places that would be too hard for Will to find. Luke is pretty good at following directions.

We set Will free to hunt. He wasn't interested in more than one egg and didn't quite get the concept to put the egg in the basket. Big bro Luke decided to help out.

Helping out meant that he got to help eat the treats inside, too!

Our family pic with no one screaming and everyone looking in the general direction of the camera. AMAZING!

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