Monday, July 4, 2011

Catching up: Party at the Park (Luke's birthday, part two)

 Luke's party was at our favorite local park.  He is so easy to please! All he wanted for a party was the park, cupcakes, and balloons. Easy enough for me. Somehow, we have lucked out on his birthday weather every year and ended up with a beautiful day for a party. Last year on his birthday morning when he woke up he said, "Mommy, tell me all the people who are coming to my party." So I listed all the family and close friends we had invited. And his response was, pitifully, "I don't want those people. I only want George*." Of course George wasn't invited because we hadn't invited ANY of his school friends. So this year, you can bet I invited every school friend, church friend, family friend, minor acquaintance, neighbor, and all their siblings and cousins as well. Since it was at a park, the guest list was virtually unlimited. And all the right people showed up!

(*Name changed to protect the innocent)

Luke picked Handy Manny for the theme and all the kids got plastic tools on top of their cupcakes.

Count the four candles for Luke!!  It was really windy that day and we barely got the candles lit, but really all Luke cared about was licking the icing off the top.

And here is the evidence that they were there. . .

Family. . .

Neighbors and friends. . .

When it was time for presents, I felt a little like I was in the middle of this pint-sized mosh pit.

It was so much fun, and Luke enjoyed it. The wonderful thing about having it at the park was that I didn't have to plan any activities or games. The kids entertained themselves the entire time.

A big {LATE} thank you to everyone who came and made this day so special for Luke!

Luke's not the only one who grew in the last year. . .

Will's (now traditional) picture with Aunt Kim--

Hasn't Kim grown up so much??!? And Will, too. We even let him have his own cupcake this year!

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