Saturday, July 2, 2011


I am on vacation for two whole weeks!!! I am not going anywhere in particular--I am just not going to work. I am paying our babysitter to come on her regular days, but with reduced hours, and I am going to do fun things for me. I have been really looking forward to this break. After returning from maternity leave after having Will, I have not taken any vacation days except for child care purposes. So, nearly 19 months later, this vacation is all for me! Yippie!

On the agenda so far is swimming lessons for the boys (I know that doesn't sound like vacation for me--but it is!), Luke and I have a movie date one day, lunch and pedicures with my high school pals, a special day with my friend Fara, a birthday bash for my friend Jamie, and a visit to the dentist. I may just go sit at Starbucks for five hours one day. Who knows? I love my boys, but sometimes I just need some "me" time. And I don't have to do any ironing!

I have also given myself a vacation style budget so that I can actually do these fun things. Maybe next year we will actually get to go on a family vacation, if we can coordinate the time and the money, but for now a mommy-cation will be just right.

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